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Car Electrical System and Battery Repair and Servicing in Millbrook

Your car’s battery is the hub of all electrical power, to all the features and creature comforts of your car. Keeping your battery healthy, and replacing old batteries on time is a necessary function towards better performance of your vehicle. Even if your car has been recently serviced and is running smoothly, a faulty battery or electrical system can still leave you stranded. A one-time battery change may be needed after your car has run the required number of miles, or the passage of time has tripped your battery’s ability to power the car and to recharge itself. If the battery recharging fails, then you may also require assistance from jumper cables to even start your car. 

Give Clarkes Service Centre a call today, in case of recurring car battery issues and let our experts fix and replace the battery.

Checking Battery Faults

Products and/or Services

Auto Repair


Car Wheel Alignment

Car Suspension Repair

Car Battery Replacement

Car Tire Balancing


Car Tire Rotation

Car Radiator Repair


Car Tune-Up

Car Oil Change

Car Cooling System Repair

Exhaust Work

Car Alternator Repair

Car Shock Repair

Clutch Repair

Antique Car Repair

Car Motor Scan Analysis

Don’t get bogged down by a lousy battery. We have all major battery brands to service your car, so drive down to Clarkes Service Centre today.

Looking for Engine Repair Services?

Our engineers can sort out car engine and transmission trouble the same day.

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