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Professional Car Engine and Transmission Repair Services in Millbrook

Is your car facing engine trouble? Does it have starting or running issues? Are weird and unusual noises coming from under the hood? If yes, then perhaps it’s time to let an auto professional take a look under the hood of your car and summarize the condition of your engine. At Clarkes Service Centre, we are well versed with a number of engine issues that can afflict the performance of your car, including the fuel injection, the electrical system, timing belt inspection and more. 

There are many reasons why your car might be facing engine trouble, including poorly fitted gas caps, worn-out spark plugs may cause the engine to not spark and catch on, or dirty oil may be clogging your internal piping. Your car’s engine may be behaving noisily, knocking against the body at a lower RPM and may have revving issues, decreasing performance and increasing exhaust.

Transmission and Gearbox

The problem may also lie in your engine gearbox. Over time, issues may creep up inside your gearbox, causing rough switching of gears, pertaining to the need for a complete servicing by a professional. Get in touch with Clarkes Service Centre today and let our engineers fix your car engine or transmission issues. We will have your car running like new in no time!

Is Your Car’s Performance Winding Down?

Maybe it is time for an oil change before dryness seizes your car.

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