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Expert Car Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Millbrook

Your car’s heating and air conditioning system is subject to losing power over time. Due to wear and tear and continuous use, they are bound to have issues. A service is due when your car’s heating and cooling is just not effective. At Clarkes Service Centre, we bring your car’s heating and air conditioning back to life keeping you comfortable in any setting. Our dedicated staff are trained with hundreds of man-hours checking pumps, refrigerant and system pressure gauges. We check your car’s heating and air conditioning on the following checkpoints:

Verifying your climate controls are working fine Our team is used to climate control features of major brands.

System pressure We check and set the pressure of cooling and heating.

Parts replacement We stock original auto parts from major manufacturers including compressors and valves.

Total comfort We repair heating and air conditioning to bring back comfort.

Car Cooling Tips

Keep your A/C at the lowest temperature for maximum cooling, while adjusting your fan.

Set your automatic climate control and forget about changing your settings.

Make sure old and dirty air filter is replaced.

Turn off air recirculation for improved cooling in the back seat.

Avoid cooling a stopped car, as the A/C compressor runs faster when you’re actually driving. To avoid wasting time and money pre-cooling your car.

Keep your air conditioning primed by switching your car every week, even if for 10 minutes.

Give us a call to fix your car heating and air conditioning, and feel the difference in our service quality.

Upgrade Your Old Tires and Creaky Suspension

With our reliable services, gift your ride a new set of tires and improve your car’s performance.

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