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Trusted Tires and Wheel Alignment Services in Millbrook

If your vehicle has been in a fender bender, or even over the course handling potholes and the routine years of driving, your wheels may require alignment to perform correctly. Mechanical parts often stray away from their factory settings and have to be restored with the aid of a mechanic’s toolkit and expertise. We replace tires of all models and brands, for all vehicles. Worn out tires with treads that have disappeared are also a cause for your vehicle pulling in the wrong direction. Drive up to Clarkes Service Centre and enjoy the coffee, while our technicians study and align all four of the vehicle's wheels using our computerized alignment system. 

The vehicle will drive straight without pulling to one side, with the front and back ends aligned and we will upgrade your car steering performance. We align your vehicle’s suspension with the wheels aligned in the correct setting, i.e., perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other, so your vehicle doesn't feel loose or turn and drive hard.

We Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance

Getting there

Right off the 115 into Millbrook

If your vehicle is not driving the way you are used to, it certainly is time to have your car looked up for misaligned wheels and tread-worn tires. Get in touch today.

Is Your Vehicle Riding Rough?

We stock all brands to get your car braking properly with a smoother suspension.

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